Scholarship Support Per Year

General Category

60 % of course fees up to

INR 60,000

Special Category*

80 % of course fees up to

INR 1,00,000

*Special category: Differently-abled girl students, LGBTQ+ students, Covid-affected students, and students with single parents or orphans.

About the Program

The Legrand Empowering Scholarship Program 2024-25, a Social Initiative of Group Legrand India, aims to provide financial support to meritorious girls, differently-abled girls, Covid-affected students, LGBTQ+ students and students with single parents or orphans for their higher education. Under this program, academically promising girl students pursuing B.Tech., B.E., B.Arch., or other undergraduate degrees in Finance or Science (such as B.Sc., B.Com., B.B.A., etc.) will receive 60% of the annual course fee, up to INR 60,000 per year. Students in the special category* will receive 80% of the annual course fee, up to INR 1,00,000 per year, until they complete their course, based on their academic performance.

About Legrand

Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure. Based in Limoges, Legrand operates in 90 countries with a market presence in over 180 countries. Legrand offers a wide range of products, including:

  • Energy distribution
  • Wiring devices
  • Home automation
  • Structured cabling
  • UPS
  • Lighting management solutions
  • Cable management
  • Industrial application products

Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure, has been illuminating millions of Indian homes while empowering female students to pursue higher education and become future leaders in Engineering, Architecture, Finance and Science. As part of Group Legrand India commitment to promote diversity, Equity, and Inclusion the scholarship support is extended to differently-abled girl children and LGBTQ+ communities. Till date, over 500 students have benefited from this scholarship program.

What we offer

Mentoring Support

Mentorship by industry experts and subject matter experts

Scholarship benefit

Scholarship benefit till the end of the course

Scholar Helpline Support

We are offering Scholar helpline support via Calls/Email/Whatsapp

Eligibility Criteria

Legrand Empowering Scholarship Program 2024-25 (General Category Application)
  • Open for girl students across India only.
  • Applicants must have secured admission in B.Tech., B.E., B.Arch., B.B.A., B.Com., or B.Sc. degrees in India.
  • Applicants must have passed Class 12 in the year 2023–24.
  • Applicants must have secured a minimum of 70% and above marks in Classes 10 and 12 examinations.
  • Annual family income of the applicant from all sources must be less than INR 5,00,000.
Legrand Empowering Scholarship Program 2024-25 (Special Category Application)
  • Open to differently-abled girl students, LGBTQ+ students, Covid-affected students and students with single parents or orphans across India.
  • Applicants must have secured admission in B.Tech., B.E., B.Arch., B.B.A., B.Com., or B.Sc. degrees in India.
  • Applicants must have passed Class 12 in the year 2023–24.
  • Applicants must have secured 60% marks in Classes 10 and 12 examinations. Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Annual family income of the applicant from all sources must be less than INR 5,00,000.

Online Application

  • Click on the Apply Now tab available on the header.
  • Login or Register with your Email / Mobile / Gmail account
  • Fill the 6-step application form and upload supporting documents
  • Finally, ‘Submit’ the application form

Scholar Connect Program

Legrand Empowering Scholarship Program

As a component of the Legrand Empowering Scholarship Program, we organize a bi-annual Scholar Connect program. This initiative is designed to provide a platform for students to share their experiences, network, and interact with senior leadership and subject matter experts. Additionally, we acknowledge the achievements of the mentees who successfully completed the Legrand Mentorship Program.

Legrand Mentorship Program

The Legrand Mentorship Program, an initiative of Legrand, is dedicated to empowering aspiring women to pursue higher education and thrive as future leaders in STEM fields. Launched in 2021, the program is aligned with its mission to provide comprehensive support to beneficiaries of the Legrand Empowering Scholarship Program, which includes meritorious and differently-abled girl students and transgender students. Through this initiative, mentees receive personalized guidance to navigate their academic and professional journeys.

Be it Engineering, Architecture, Finance, or Science courses, the mentorship sessions are tailored to equip mentees with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in their chosen field.

About the Legrand Mentorship Program

The Legrand Mentorship Program provides a structured pathway for academically promising individuals pursuing diverse courses, ranging from B.Tech/BE/B.Arch. to disciplines like Science or Finance (BSc/BCom/BBA, etc.). Through a series of virtual sessions spanning four months, with one session each month, mentees are provided with opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with industry experts.

Key Features of the Legrand Mentorship Program:
  • Tailored Guidance: With a team of 25-30 mentors in each batch, the program ensures that every mentee receives personalised support tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The curriculum covers a wide range of topics essential for personal and professional development.
    • From career advancement strategies and building a strong resume to interviewing and leadership skills, mentees are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive.
  • Peer Learning: Through connection with like-minded individuals, mentors encourage mentees to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and exchange their experiences.

Impact Since Inception

The Legrand Mentorship Program sees its mentors proactively and passionately adding value to the lives of mentees while aligning with the essence of the organization. This program helps scholars get mentoring support from Legrand employees for personal development. Each mentor is mapped to a mentee through a tech-based platform which involves career counseling and learning solutions.

In the inaugural batch, conducted in the academic year 2021-22, the program supported 50 mentees, providing them with invaluable guidance and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Since then, the program has continued to evolve. Through dedicated mentorship, the second batch in 2023-24 expanded its reach to 51 mentees, ensuring an even broader impact on the aspiring women leaders within the community.

Fostering Dreams and Career Growth

Every individual must have the opportunity to fulfil their dreams, find their passion, and discover their purpose to have a successful and happy career. The Legrand Mentorship Program helps to educate students about what is important, both personally and professionally, while providing the necessary guidance, tools, skills, and experiences to have long and fulfilling careers during their academic journeys.

What Our Scholars Say About Us

Our Proud Scholars

  • Esha C biju

  • Maddali Sai prathiksha

  • Vinnarasi Mutamilan

  • Priyanshi

  • Godesi Vinitha

  • Pallavi M

  • Dhanyathaa S

  • Sai varshan K

  • Poojasri m

  • Lakshmi S d

  • Karingula Gnaneshwari

  • Likhitha C r

  • Sadhana Aswin

  • Avisa Sreya

  • Preethi Sunandha

  • P. Sai laxmi padamasriya

  • Salma Molla

  • Shubham Gudghe

  • Sammeta Sai poorna

  • Sweta Biswakarma

  • Adithika A

  • Vinothini S

  • Rajalakshmi Prasanna

  • Mansi Vijay nikam

  • Priya

  • Arrati Sharma

  • Makineni Lakshmi padmavathi

  • Apoorva M

  • Sonali k r

  • Nidhi Paresh lodha

  • Rajender Kumar

  • Sayusmathi S

  • Aishwarya Chalapathi

  • Guniganti Meghamala

  • Divya Sheelam

  • Sanjana Kumari

  • Harshita Jain

  • Gunti Priyanka

  • Tiwari Sakshi

  • Sabeetha S

  • M Padmapriya

  • Smriti Srinivaz

  • Ishika Verma

  • Konakalla Maneesha

  • Rakshitha D shastry

  • Ankita

  • Sangeeta Subhasrao parvatikar

  • Natchiar m Velu

  • Akshaya

  • Boomitha B

  • Harsha Krishnamoorthi

  • Aashika Basheer ahamed

  • Lisha M c

  • Poonam Somnath wagh

  • Maryam Nazeer

  • Sresandhya K

  • Manasvi Vongur


  • Vuyyuri Harshitha siva satya swaroopa

  • Vemula Swathi

  • Mamatha Mamatha

  • Purnima Kamalesh patil

  • L N supritha

  • Afrinnisa R

  • Roshani Dhananjay jaygude

  • Shreya Dipak patil

  • Dhanashree Tukaram bhoge

  • Bassa Srilakshmi

  • Arpitha T r

  • Shanmuga Sree c

  • Yelluri Pavithra

  • Lohitha Dasam

  • Anjum Zuveriya z

  • Priya R

  • V Kiruba sree

  • Nisarga Nagaraj rao

  • Afna Synudeen

  • Sukhveer Kaur

  • Bibi khuteja Soudagar

  • Kollipara Venkata naga sai tanuja bhuvana anusha

  • Kollipara Bhuvana venkata lakshmi anuja

  • Siripalli Meenakshi

  • Harini R

  • Riya Bajpai

  • Aswini priya Murugesan

  • Ankitha

  • Tanuja H s

  • Vippa Gowthami

  • I K tayyiba fathima

  • Harshitha v

  • Yusra Sadiyah shaikh

  • Bhavana P m

  • Appinedi Navya sri

  • Vaishnavi Prabhu

  • Saneera Rahman

  • Sanija

  • Mulinti Asha

  • Banashree A bhat

  • Mutyala Mahalakshmi sravani sri

  • Rakshitha V

  • Amulya K R

  • Terukoti Harshita

  • Shalini

  • Yashaswini K a

  • Chandana N

  • Kandasani Vyshnavi

  • Sevanthi N

  • Jhanavi L naik

  • Vysyaraju Tejaswi

  • Saba Yasmeen m kamdod

  • Molla Shaziya

  • Ahamed Sabeer

  • Akshaya J

  • Alex Razak


  • Ananya Nijagule


  • Apoorva S

  • Archana M

  • Arunachalam

  • Ayushi singh


  • bala sumana keerthi

  • Deepika

  • Deeshu chaudhary

  • Devadiga Anjali

  • Dinesh Gurumayum

  • Dipika Biswas

  • Disha Basu

  • Divya Aswani

  • Divyanshi Tiwari

  • Ennam Navya sri

  • Eshita Jain


  • Fathima Rifa NK

  • Gunde Divya

  • Harshita Hegde

  • Nikita Bhati


  • Impana V


  • Jahanvi Chhajer

  • Jahnavi Kotra

  • Jeevika J


  • keerthana k

  • Khushi Mahto

  • Lingapriya BASAVARAJ

  • M Gayathri

  • Madhushree C S

  • Makwana Hinaben

  • Malla Sailaja


  • Manswi Gaikwad

  • Mehak

  • Monalisa Bhutia

  • Mrunal Bagal

  • Neha Ponnekanti

  • Nivetha M

  • Nelley Huidrom

  • P.Hema Periyasamy

  • Pavithra Venkatraman

  • poorva patil

  • Prachi Kumari


  • Prathama Pratihar

  • Priya Vijitha

  • R Nishanthi

  • Radha Mavalu Mirashi

  • Raksha_Nayak


  • Rashmitha R Bangera

  • Rishita Arora

  • Ritika Sharma

  • Riya Roysten

  • Riya Singha Thakur


  • Roshani Chavhan

  • Roshani P

  • S Logeshwari

  • Sahithi Vadlakonda

  • sandhya Baskar

  • Sandhyaa Shree


  • Sayani Bera

  • Sharmila M. R



  • Sneha Khedekar

  • Sreepathi Sai krishna

  • Srushti Vadnere

  • Sadhbhish Tarai



  • sushmitha poojary

  • Tanuja Chhikara

  • Thelukuntla Pranathi

  • V.Jayawardhini

  • Vaishnavi

  • Vaishnavi R. Shenoi

  • VANI G J

  • Vanka Poojitha

  • Vanshika Bhojani


  • Vishakha Upreti

  • Yogeshwari

  • Kalyani Gawande

  • Vaishnavi Katti




  • Muskan

  • Ujala Yadav

  • Karunasri R

  • Ilakkiya SM

  • Aiman Shaikh

  • Aishwarya Rane



  • Aiman Shaikh

  • Aishwarya Rane

  • Amandeep Kaur

  • Anakha N

  • Ananya Agrawal

  • Anshi Srivastava

  • Anshika Chauhan

  • Anushka Patil

  • Anushka Karmakar

  • Anusuya.M

  • Bhoomika Bhat

  • Brindha devi Chandran

  • Deeksha G A

  • Deepali Kewat

  • Dhanala Ramya

  • Dhruvi Gohel


  • Gidugu reeshma

  • Gomathi Ramesh

  • Gunjan

  • HARINI V Harini.v


  • Haleemah Saniyyah

  • Harshita Agarwal

  • Janvi Jachak

  • Jeelben Kothadiya


  • K A Advayee Shreeshaa

  • Kalyani Sopan Pawar

  • Kirti Shivprasand Alase

  • L.S. Madhumitha

  • Leelankitha Kanchanapalli

  • Likhita Vanukuri

  • Logabharathi R



  • M Nanditha prabhu

  • Malkajigiri Niharika

  • Mamta

  • Mannat Pruthi

  • Mansi Pandey

  • Mashira Rahman

  • Meril Manuel


  • Nafiha Pk

  • Nandana Jayakumar

  • Nida Patel

  • Nidhi P

  • Nikkitha R R

  • Nisha Yadav

  • Niya M


  • Parbati Kumari

  • Prathibha Pyla

  • Preetika Panda





  • Ramya.R Raja.v

  • Ranya Mishra

  • Rashmika J

  • Ridhi Kumari

  • Riya Sudrik

  • Rutuja Gunjal




  • Seema Yadav

  • Shanthini R

  • Shivani Rawat

  • Shravani Hiremath

  • Shreya Sarkar

  • Shubhi Mishra

  • Sonali Kherkar

  • Soubhagya Muddebihal

  • Sowmithra J

  • Sree Chaithanya N

  • Srinija Yerram

  • Sritama Ghosh

  • Sumanpreet Kaur

  • Swathi Gottipati

  • Sweta Rajak

  • T R Rubini

  • Tanishka Sachdeva

  • Tanya Malik

  • U Ruthvika Ruthvika


  • Vaishnavi Verma

  • Vandana Mourya

  • Vedashree Rodi

  • Vemuri Venkata Naga

  • Yamuna B

  • borigi harshini

  • devika

  • korla keerthi Reddy

  • lubna shaikh

  • mukkamala archana

  • namira afraj

  • paripelli Sreenidhi

  • pratiksha divate

  • saniya nandaniwale

  • surabhi bora

  • swati vibhute

  • Afreena Shirin

  • Ahana Mukherjee

  • Allani Sai

  • Anushka Bordoloi

  • Ayona Biju

  • Aysha Nitha

  • Ayushi Sengupta

  • Chakka Nikhila

  • Chandana Rama

  • Deepthi Bolaveni

  • Gethanjali Pasika

  • Godavarthi Srujana

  • Haimavathi

  • Kandibanda

  • Kota Navya

  • Krupali

  • Lavisha Andri

  • Laxmi Priya

  • Lingireddy Gouri..

  • Mamatha Kanda..

  • Mariya John

  • Mubina Faras

  • Nimishka Jain

  • Podile Sruthi

  • Ramakishtu Vinut..

  • Ruchitha Bandari

  • Saumya Kushwaha

  • Shekeena Mantini

  • Soumya Adu..

  • Soumya Nougari

  • Sravanireddy

  • Subhakarni

  • Tanisha Jain

  • Tanya Gupta

  • Vaishnavi Bongoni

  • Veggalam V Priya

  • Yadlapalli Cha..

  • Yaramadi Sai Neha

  • Abhirami Subbiah

  • Aleena M T

  • Amani Reddy

  • Anjali Sasikumar

  • Anjana R

  • Ankita Kurhekar

  • Ankita Kumar

  • Annmariya Johnson

  • Anushka solanki

  • Arpita Sur

  • Avantika Gupta

  • Bindushree Bindu

  • Brunda R V

  • Deepa R


  • Fathima Parveen

  • Ganiya Gulfam C Y

  • Garima Dubey

  • Habisha G

  • Harshitha N Y

  • Jasni

  • Jyothi Prabha N

  • K Srusti Priya

  • Kaviyadharshini Sankar

  • Kaviyarasi P

  • Keerthana Mechineni

  • Kirubasini Sabeshkumar

  • Kruthi H U

  • Leena

  • Likhitha Pamula

  • Mandara Shivakumar

  • Megha Ganesh Chaudhari

  • Padmini mishra

  • Pooja G

  • Prathyusha Punugoti

  • Priyadarshini P

  • Priyanka Panda

  • Priyanka Yadav

  • Rakshita Hiremath

  • Rea Desouza

  • rishika reddy

  • Rithika KANDAVEL

  • Sakshi Bharath Gaikwad

  • Shah Dhwani

  • Shreya J B

  • Shubhra Nath

  • Sona Chenthamarakshan

  • Srilekha

  • Supraja Pekala

  • Suragouni Nikitha

  • Swetha

  • Tanu Saini

  • Tehseen F

  • Tejavii

  • Yashasvi Manjunath

  • Yazhini Gayatri

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are two categories of students among which the amount will be disbursed:

    • Generic category: All meritorious and deserving girl students.
        Scholarship award amount- 60% of the course fee up to the limit of 60,000/- (whichever is less) per annum until the completion of the course.
    • Special Category: Differently-abled girl students, Transgender students, students with single parent, and students who lost their parents due to COVID-19.
        Scholarship award amount- 80% of the course fee up to the limit of 1,00,000/- (whichever is less) per annum until the completion of the course.

    Each year the eligible scholarship amount will be disbursed to the student’s given Indian account number after submitting the required documents (relevant fee receipts/college bonafide certificate/previous year mark sheet and bank proofs) through Legrand’s implementation partner, Buddy4Study (As per the payment cycle communicated).

  • Yes, students with any chosen subjects/specializations in B.Tech, BE, B.Arch. or other courses - BBA, B.Com, B.Sc. (Math and Science) may apply for this scholarship.

  • Apart from Engineering and Architecture, students from other graduation courses like B.Com, BSc – Science/Math, BBA can apply for this scholarship

  • No, this scholarship is extended to the students who have cleared their class 12 in 2022-23 with a minimum of 70% marks in Class 10 and 12 examinations. Exceptions are given to differently-abled girl students and transgender students

  • To check the results of Legrand Empowering Scholarship Program, students would be required to visit this

500 Total Scholars
15 Transperson Scholar
42 PWD Scholar
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